Web Analytics

We believe that data should be at the heart of any strategic decision making, not only when for Conversion Rate Optimisation. That’s why we ensure that you’re getting the right data that you can trust.

We use analytics platforms to identify business opportunities and validate our insights.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Google Analytics has been commended from clients and staff alike, and we’re Google Analytics Certified Partners too. Whilst Google Analytics is our bread and butter, we’re also well versed in other analytics and data visualisation tools such as MixPanel, Kissmetrics, Google Sheets, Data Studio, BigQuery and Tableau.


Google Analytics Configuration

It’s quite likely that your Google Analytics configuration is misconfigured or not collecting the right data for your business.

The majority of websites we work with don’t have enough meaningful data to gain true insights on what users are doing. Considering that standard analytics implementations only capture URL defined actions (as well as sampling data in other areas), and c90% of actions on your website non-URL defined, can you be certain that your optimisation and insights strategy is effective, if you’re not capturing most of these user behaviours?

More importantly, do you trust the data that’s coming from your Analytics and know how to get the most out of your reporting?

That’s where we come in. We’ll work with you to create advanced custom tracking, meeting the required industry standards, building something you can not only trust, but also use to drive your business forward. Every configuration we do is bespoke and customised to the needs of each client. The level of configuration required is dependent on the websites / apps current configuration and most importantly, the business objectives.

Whether you’re using a Tag Management solution, or you prefer code direct on your site, we’re able to help build out and track key customer interactions to help you understand exactly what users are doing on your site. We can even help set up cross-device tracking (where possible) and help build out a dataLayer to help you get the most out of data.

We have the experience with top 100 UK retailers, to give you confidence in our ability to deliver excellent results with your analytics platform.

As part of our service, we will ensure that:

  • Custom segments are outlined
  • Events and traffic sources are tracked
  • Goal and traffic funnels are created
  • Ecommerce / Enhanced Ecommerce tracking (when necessary) is set up
  • Your setup is reviewed and quality checked
  • Any Testing Tools are integrated

Identifying Opportunities / Insights

Google analytics has so many opportunities and insights waiting to be uncovered. Transforming data into actionable insights is where the fun begins!

Our full-service Google Analytics reports are often 30+ pages long and are continually evolving throughout the entire optimisation process. Although we know, it’s not quantity that’s the most important, but the quality.

Within this section of our process, we identify the opportunities across your user journeys and bespoke user segments in accordance with your business objectives. We look at everything from your daily / weekly / hourly conversion patterns, to bespoke user journey mapping and multi-channel attribution to give you, and us, patterns and insights ready for testing and improving.

Our audit doesn’t just show you the data and what to look for, but also how to make sense of it. Our level of analysis is industry-leading and we will illustrate the biggest conversion opportunities for your site, leading to smarter optimisation decisions, better prioritisation and more testing wins.

The output from our Google Analytics is two-fold, firstly we add validation and ideas to our insight roadmap (the outline of your A/B testing plan), and secondly, it feeds the key site areas and segments into our user research plan to focus attention on understand key motivations and behaviours within the biggest areas for improvement.

Both the configuration and opportunities section of our analytics ensures that our initial focus is on the biggest areas for improvement, that will drive the most significant ROI.


Best of all, we maintain your analytics for the duration of our engagement, which allows you to focus on your day to day role. Any data you need, we’ve got it (and if we don’t, we’ll get it).

As Google Analytics Certified Partners, we also get the first look at new changes and often get access to exclusive beta tests (which means you will too!).