User Testing

We love user testing.

We love it so much we created our own remote user testing software -

With our own software and our hundreds of hours testing users interaction with websites, we are best placed to identify usability gaps and user experience opportunities in your website.


We love remote user testing so much, we built in-house to glean insights for our clients.

As it grew in popularity, others outside our client base were asking to use it and before you know it, we decided to extend this to – well – everyone! It’s available for just £18 per user because we believe remote user testing should be super-cheap, super-quick and super-useful.

We run loads of remote user testing day in day out because of this. Because we pay just £8 per test, we’re able to:

  • Run micro user journey scenarios on a mass scale
  • Run more than just the usual 5 recommended tests
  • Run competitor based remote user testing across a selection of competitors
  • Run continual remote user tests as seasons and deals change
  • Run remote user tests against variations in AB test experiments
  • Receive and analyse feedback within the hour

We also have a vault of 5,000 testers over 82+ countries meaning we can test against a large variety of user sand even set pre-requisites of hobbies, interests, professions and more. See for yourself:

Moderated user testing

By conducting remote user testing, participants are able to apply their natural context, gather mass data and at cost-effect prices. However, by conducting moderated user testing, you’re able to probe the participants, gather visual cues and even change activities/tasks mid-way through your study. One is not a replacement for other, but rather two separate methods that meet separate needs.

It is for this reason that we also have our own moderated user testing area in-house.

This isn’t a fancy lab, nor a purpose built room with intrusive cameras and microphones. Instead, this is a homely, welcoming section of our 3-storey office for users to feel relaxed and natural when reviewing a website – yet with the rigour of a usability lab.