How 10 top UK retailers view Conversion Rate Optimisation

by David Mannheim

posted on: December 31st 2015

Not on the High Street

[blockquote color="#2a2a2a" bordercolor="#2a2a2a" author="Ollie Scheers, Optimisation manager at"]So far we have delivered a 7 figure return on our investment in optimisation, and for every £1 we have spent on optimisation we have made roughly £14 back. This has been a fantastic return on investment for us.[/blockquote]

Shop Direct

[blockquote color="#a5d2d0" bordercolor="#a5d2d0" author="Sam Barton, Head of User Experience at Shop Direct"]We’ve moved away from making changes on the website because we ‘think’ it’s the right thing to do.[/blockquote]

New Look

[blockquote color="#2a2a2a" bordercolor="#2a2a2a" author="Sally Heath, Head of eCommerce at New Look"]CRO is owned by everyone – and is a key KPI for myself, the digital director and our managing director.[/blockquote]


[blockquote color="#a5d2d0" bordercolor="#a5d2d0" author="Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of eCommerce at Schuh"]When it comes to testing, we more often talk about the particular funnel step than the overall conversion improvement, and in fact when we do talk about the “end result”, we’ll talk about Revenue per Visitor[/blockquote]


[blockquote color="#2a2a2a" bordercolor="#2a2a2a" author= "Joe Irons, Multichannel Director at Paperchase"]Paperchase has seen significant conversion improvements on both mobile and desktop this year, as well as in our stores. We have an ongoing commitment to improving conversion rate across all channels and see it as key driver of both customer satisfaction and sales[/blockquote]


[blockquote color="#a5d2d0" bordercolor="#a5d2d0" author= "Joe Irons, Multichannel Director at Office"]The company uses Multi Variant Testing (MVT) almost continuously on its website to test multiple variations of certain key pages to see which combination of factors is most effective at improving conversion. [/blockquote]

Majestic Wines

[blockquote color="#2a2a2a" bordercolor="#2a2a2a" author= "Stephen Green, Online Optimisation Manager at Majestic Wines"]Tools such as A/B/n and MVT are just a part of our optimisation testing. As people and processes are key to optimisation, we have trialled a group approach where ten or so colleagues are tasked with researching aspects of the area that has been identified for improvement...[that has] shown consistent high double digit revenue growth year on year[/blockquote]

Walls and Floors

[blockquote color="#a5d2d0" bordercolor="#a5d2d0" author= " Tom Murrell, Web Development Manager at Walls and Floors"]Conversion rate optimisation is something that needs constant care, attention and drive and it’s something I share with my team almost daily and with directors weekly[/blockquote]


[blockquote color="#2a2a2a" bordercolor="#2a2a2a" author= "Paul Postance, Head of Digital Conversion at EE"]imagine a business making no digital changes during one year. Conversion rates will decay, because competitors and consumers are always changing and updating not to mention when disruptive innovators burst into the limelight. Doing nothing is the worst option as friction will appear to customers to increase even though it’s exactly the same. [/blockquote]

Swagger and Spoon

[blockquote color="#a5d2d0" bordercolor="#a5d2d0" author= "Gary Baker, Founder and MD at Swagger and Spoon"]We’ll be using CRO a lot more in 2015 than we’ve probably done before and if we do it well it should have a significant effect on our business this year. The challenge will be to ensure that ultimately it is optimised across all devices[/blockquote]
Ref. Internet Retailing Connected Commerce Report, 2015

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How 10 top UK retailers view Conversion Rate Optim…

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