[event] Conversion Rate Optimisation for StartUps

by David Mannheim

posted on: December 11th 2015

A start up in ourselves, at User Conversion we’re a team of 4 conversion rate optimisers in the heart of Manchester helping clients achieve the most then can from their traffic.

We’ll help you understand the value of CRO in your business - what is it, what will it mean for businesses everywhere, but, particularly, the importance of conversion optimisation within startups. An interesting challenge for those with multiple conversion points and, is often the case, low traffic. How can startups start iterating with a testing environment? How do you AB test with low traffic? What AB testing platforms should you use? How do you solicit and extract actionable insight from data? Should I AB test or redesign? (it comes up more than you think!)

The aim of the discussion is to facilitate thought; we want you to thinking about not just how to implement a structured conversion optimisation process, but how it can and should trickle down into every aspect of your decision making be that acquisition, on boarding or retention.

As a bit of fun at the end, we’ll finish by doing live website optimisation tear downs - so if you’re interested in what improvements could be made on your site with the massive caveat of “we are assuming” we’ll be more than happy to investigate options in front of everyone.

This talk is ideal for those who like free Krispy Kremes.

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David Mannheim

David is an experienced conversion optimiser and has worked across a series of core optimisation disciplines including web analytics, user experience and AB & MVT testing.

[event] Conversion Rate Optimisation for StartUps…

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