We’re at the IRX!

by David Mannheim

posted on: March 12th 2017


It’s our 3rd year at the IRX. And we’re excited more than ever before.

This is our third year at the Internet Retailing Expo and we have long become a staple of theirĀ conversion optimisation offering. We really enjoy it, despite how tiring it is. The first year we ran it, actually, we received more data scans than any of the 200 other companies there, and that was all from our small 2 x 3m stand. David and Goliath, truly.

Now, over the years, we’ve learnt, iterated and optimised our approach to bring the guests at the IRX the best optimisation experience possible. With a slightly larger stand, we’re right next to the infamous IRX bar this year sponsored by World Pay. It’s usually the place that everyone flocks to on 6th April for water, coffees and anything to cure their hangover.




This year, we’re offering free, live conversion optimisation audits.

We offer these usually on special ocassions and you can read more about them here. This year though, we’re offering live optimisation audits. Get in touch and book yours before hand and we can talk about your optimisation objectives and requirements. With access to your analytics, too, we can identify immediate data configuration issues, examples of what we’ve done for other clients, our process and – most importantly – immediate recommendations that we would look to explore (note: these usually involve more questions than answers)

Book your audit here

We look forward to seeing you there!

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David Mannheim

David is an experienced conversion optimiser and has worked across a series of core optimisation disciplines including web analytics, user experience and AB & MVT testing.

We’re at the IRX!

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