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Conversion Optimisation Training

Accelerate your knowledge, processes and skill set with us and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

We’re committed to advancing the industry. This requires nurturing talent which is why we endeavour to provide quality training opportunities. Conversion optimisation is a relatively young industry. It’s a way of thinking first and foremost; seeking qualitative and quantitative insights and validating ideas through experimentation. The skills and tools you use to do this are secondary. We teach both.

Our partnership with the chartered institute of marketing

In 2016, we were selected as official course directors for the advanced and masterclass courses for Conversion Rate Optimisation at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Learn how to do Conversion Rate Optimisation effectively and efficiently to create genuine uplifts through our experience and the CIM’s support structure.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing are the largest professional marketing body in the world. They have been offering career development for over 100 years.

We believe the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s processes, provenance, resources and commitment to CPD is the best in the world. For that reason, we train exclusively through the CIM. The only exception is for our own clients, learn more below.

Our training packages

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Advanced 2 Days
In association with

Designed for ecommerce managers and those wishing to accelerate their optimisation skills.

London & Cookham
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Masterclass 3 Days
In association with

Designed for more senior managers to have a wholly comprehensive overview of CRO to build optimisation teams and programs.

London & Cookham
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If we’re working in partnership on your conversion strategy, training is part and parcel of our offering. We train, educate and support you and your team through designing a process to accelerate your wins.

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  • Excellent course well balanced between lecture and activity.
    Participant Advanced CRO Course
  • David was generous with his skill set.
    Participant Advanced CRO Course
  • I thought the activities were engaging and helped to further understand the theory.
    Participant Advanced CRO Course
  • It is hard to find a company that truly understands conversion optimisation. I am so glad that we have found user conversion. I was relieved to finally meet someone who understood the user experience and journey.
    Participant Advanced CRO Course
  • The initial work that User Conversion provided was incredibly useful. We look forward to working with the team on ongoing basis to improve conversion rate in other areas.
    Company Participant Bespoke Training

Our Trainers

Conversion rate optimisation is a process that involves a multitude of skills in technical, creative and analytical fields. We don’t claim to have team members that "do everything". Rather than diluted skills, we are a team of specialists that work together.As such, we’re best placed to run an effective conversion optimisation program across multi-disciplinary skill sets, each working together.

Optimisation Strategy

David Mannheim

Loves: Disney, Manchester United

David is an experienced conversion optimiser and has worked across a series of core optimisation disciplines including web analytics, user experience and AB & MVT testing. Having led multiple programs and trained various individuals, teams and companies, his forte lies predominantly with strategic implementation and the function and process of conversion rate optimisation.

He is the official, certified tutor for advanced and masterclass conversion rate optimisation courses for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and holds a wide range of qualifications.

Skills Set

Optimisation Strategy

User Psychology

AB Testing Strategies

Web Analytics

Ryan Jordan

Optimisation Director
Loves: Football

Ryan has over 7 years experience working in Optimisation, Web Analytics and Customer Insight. With a keen eye for data, Ryan focusses on the performance and strategy behind Optimisation Roadmaps to ensure meaningful results are achieved. He is also responsible for the technical implementation of analytics and A/B testing platforms, focussing on generating meaningful data, with actionable insights.

He is fully certified across a number of Analytics and Tag Management tools, as well being proficient using the majority of A/B testing platforms.

Skills Set

Optimisation Strategy

Web Analytics

Technical Implementation


Lewis Needham


Lewis is a front-end developer with a specialisation in developing A/B tests. Having created hundreds of tests for our clients, ranging from small features to full page redesigns, he has plenty of experience in tackling the technical problems unique to A/B testing.

Each platform does things a little differently from a technical standpoint so good platform knowledge is essential to getting the most out of your experiments. In addition to knowing his way around a code editor, Lewis has gained development experience in nearly every major platform and is even a fully-certified Optimizely developer (one of just a few in the UK).

Skills Set




Content Strategy

Hazel Bolton

Content and Optimisation Specialist
Loves: Manchester and Food

Hazel is an optimisation consultant, specialising in copy and content. Her varied career in the digital sphere has given Hazel a broad view and in-depth knowledge of the industry. This, together with her skills in conversion copywriting and content production, makes her a strong asset to the team and our clients.

Hazel uses copy-specific research techniques to design optimisation experiments that champion the voice of the customer.

Skills Set



Our In-House Courses

Optimisation Strategy

As part of our onboarding phase with new clients we establish a foundation of conversion optimisation knowledge. This may involve educating our clients’ teams on the optimisation mindset. We work in partnership with our clients, encouraging them to utilise testing to validate their own ideas.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is sometimes the most daunting side of experimentation for those new to conversion optimisation. We’re on hand to demystify the maths and help our clients interrogate their data with confidence.


Development is a frequently overlooked side of conversion optimisation. We work with our clients to create robust platforms on which to experiment.

UX Research

We introduce our clients to the full remit of UX research, including heuristic analysis, survey design, user testing and screen recording. Helping our clients understand our research methods ensures that this stage in the optimisation process is a top priority. Insights lay the foundation for strong optimisation ideas.

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Our Conversion Optimisation training are often bespoke packages - set at a level that suits both you and your team.

What you'll get from us is a friendly bunch of experts, each refined in their own skill set, culminating in a great, results-driven optimisation team. Let’s arrange a call to learn more about you or your business, how optimisation fits into that process and where you believe training fits into your requirements.