Easy User Testing

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How it works

Receive high quality videos of your users using your website to identify their pitfalls and opportunities for improvement.

Set your users tasks

to complete on your website

  • Set unlimited tasks for your users to complete
  • Users feedback on each task verbally
  • Get a written summary of each task

Recruit your testers

to complete your tasks

  • Get given a URL to recruit your own testers
  • Use our fancy pop-up or Facebook ads to share your test
  • Incentivise users to complete your test

Watch your users

complete your tasks

  • See how your users get along
  • Listen to their thoughts and feedback
  • Receive written feedback from them as a summary


We like to keep things simple. Test anything from a small feature of your site, to the end-to-end user journey or even your competitors

  • Feedback within the hour

    Get feedback from your users within hours of setting up your test. The whole process is really quick. If you have an issue you want to raise with a stakeholder in a meeting later that date, this form of cheap user testing is both inexpensive and quick.

  • Unlimited tasks

    Users often need tasks to complete rather than roaming aimlessly on your site. Giving them guidance helps define a structure. Set your users unlimited tasks to complete on your site - we recommend between 3 and 5.

  • Written feedback

    A user will complete your task and you will receive a video of them undertaking it - both their screen and their voice is recorded - alongside of a written summary of how they thought it went. Be prepared for both positive and negative feedback. Follow up with the user if you want, too... you get their details afterwards.

  • Recruit testers

    Get given a personalised URL in order to recruit your own testers. We recommend you either create Facebook Ads to really segment the audience data that you’re after or we’ve given you the ability to place a small pop-up on your site to recruit your own for improved accuracy. This way, you can recruit, not just any user, but your actual users.

  • High quality videos

    In return for all this you’ll receive a high quality video of a user undertaking and completing the tasks. Our videos are up to 24fps which is really good quality - we achieve this through a java applet.

  • Share

    You can share the videos with your stakeholders if you wish - colleagues, employees, developer or seniors - anyone! You are given a URL when the video is completed, feel free to share it.



We'll give you a URL for your test and you can recruit your own testers - either through our on-screen pop up or by Facebook ads

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